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  • Cupcake, that's always the answer

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  • Let Them Eat Cake, It's Tax Season Again

    So it's that time of year again, actually it has been that time for a bit now, and it is fast approaching the deadline of the Tax Season. If you're like me, this time of year is usually the time when myself and many others that I know becomes a little more anxious than is usual. Anxious to get our taxes done, and for perhaps warmer days ahead, a little Spring cleaning of sorts. Whenever I get in this mood, I like to get in touch with the colorfulness in my life-the light and bright, sparkly, and fun. This is when I like to look over at my baking goods and supplies and have them show me the way. The way is there and it is right there in your kitchen! The great thing is you can gather some friends and family for a little baking date, and bring them out of hibernation as well. There is something so very wonderful about seeing, touching, and tasting a beautiful cupcake. Whenever I get the chance to do this I am always reminded of the "let them eat cake" phrase. Which is to say, when the going gets a little less than sterling, the less than sterlings go and get something like a cupcake to brighten their day.

  • Cake Design, 50 Must See Cake Designs

    Cake Design, 50 Must See Cake Designs

    There is nothing more wonderful than a well designed cake. Below are a selection of some mind blowing cakes. Some of the cake designs are so incredible that I still don't believe that they are really cakes. For example the Meat and Frito's Chips bag look so realistic that I think the only way to tell if they are cakes are not would be to smell them. I found a few cakes from a company called Mike's Amazing Cakes and I could have filled this entire post with their cakes alone. These guys are serious about cake design. They have taken cake design to another level. Their cakes are incredible and yes they are the ones who made the Meat and Frito's Chips cakes. I hope the cakes below inspire you to try the incredible because these cake designs have opened my eyes to what I thought a cake could look like.



    Here are a few more links to some awesome posts regarding Cake Designs. I used the best cakes from these post to help curate my list of 50 Amazing Cake designs. You should check them out below.




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