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  • Cupcake, that's always the answer

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  • Eat the Cake!!!

  • Let Them Eat Cake, It's Tax Season Again

    So it's that time of year again, actually it has been that time for a bit now, and it is fast approaching the deadline of the Tax Season. If you're like me, this time of year is usually the time when myself and many others that I know becomes a little more anxious than is usual. Anxious to get our taxes done, and for perhaps warmer days ahead, a little Spring cleaning of sorts. Whenever I get in this mood, I like to get in touch with the colorfulness in my life-the light and bright, sparkly, and fun. This is when I like to look over at my baking goods and supplies and have them show me the way. The way is there and it is right there in your kitchen! The great thing is you can gather some friends and family for a little baking date, and bring them out of hibernation as well. There is something so very wonderful about seeing, touching, and tasting a beautiful cupcake. Whenever I get the chance to do this I am always reminded of the "let them eat cake" phrase. Which is to say, when the going gets a little less than sterling, the less than sterlings go and get something like a cupcake to brighten their day.

  • Cake Design, 50 Must See Cake Designs

    Cake Design, 50 Must See Cake Designs

    There is nothing more wonderful than a well designed cake. Below are a selection of some mind blowing cakes. Some of the cake designs are so incredible that I still don't believe that they are really cakes. For example the Meat and Frito's Chips bag look so realistic that I think the only way to tell if they are cakes are not would be to smell them. I found a few cakes from a company called Mike's Amazing Cakes and I could have filled this entire post with their cakes alone. These guys are serious about cake design. They have taken cake design to another level. Their cakes are incredible and yes they are the ones who made the Meat and Frito's Chips cakes. I hope the cakes below inspire you to try the incredible because these cake designs have opened my eyes to what I thought a cake could look like.



    Here are a few more links to some awesome posts regarding Cake Designs. I used the best cakes from these post to help curate my list of 50 Amazing Cake designs. You should check them out below.




  • Top 10 Songs to Bake to

    You wake up one  morning with that itch to bake and in an instant you are in the kitchen blazing full steam ahead. You have all your ingredients but the only thing missing are inspiring tunes to bake to. Well look no further because we have a list of 10 songs that will have you Stiring it Up, With A Little Sugar in Your Bowl, For Your Candy Man or Girl while having Tea For Two and watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was a noble attempt but there was no way I could get all 10 song titles in that one sentence. Forgive me! These songs are all great to bake to even though some of them blur the line between songs about romance and songs about food. But that makes sense because romance and sweets go hand in hand. If you have a song that I missed please let me know in the comments. But I digress, see below for my list of top 10 songs to bake to.

    1. Bob Marley - Stir it up

    Some would say this classic reggae song by Bob Marley is about him and his relationship with a young lady. When I listen to the song I hear exactly that. Mr. Marley is in the kitchen with his lady and encouraging her to Stir It Up, so they can bake the best cupcakes ever. Team work makes the dream work!.

    Things You'll Need:

    Wooden spoons to Stir it Up.

    My Favorite Line: " Stir it, Stir it, Stir it together..."

    2. The Four Tops - Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

    We all have sweet names for the things we love. But I like to call the things I love by their real names. Cupcake, Brownie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie there is nothing sweeter than that.

    Things You'll Need:

    A single Sugar Pie Honey Bunch Container

    Favorite Line: "I can't help myself, I love you and nobody else..."

    3. Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man

    This is probably my favorite song to bake to. I believe every baker should aspire to be the Candy Man. The Candy Man bakes in the state of zen and is always in the moment, so he can bake with love and patience.

    Things You'll Need:

    Candy Man Sprinkles. Rumor has it that these sprinkles trail the Candy Man like pixy dust does Tinker Bell.

    Favorite Line: "The Candy Man can because he mixes it with love to make the world taste good..."

    4. New Edition - Candy Girl

    They say the road to a man's heart is through his stomach. I believe this rule has no gender as we proved with the Candy Man above. Use this song to inspire yourself to bake to the best of your ability so you can be someone's Candy Girl. You know you have done good if after they bite into your baked goods they either:

    A.) Start Moon Walking like the guys in the video


    B.) Sing this song to you in a high pitch voice

    Things You'll Need:

    Candy Girl sprinkles.

    Favorite Line: "All I know is that when i'm with you, you make me feel so good through and through..."

    5. Willy Wonka - Pure Imagination

    This song should inspire you to not only bake well but to design your baked goods from a child like imagination. Step outside of the baking liner and do something bold. The smell of your kitchen and the design of your items should make people rush to you like the hordes of shoppers on Black Friday or the excited tour guest in the video at 1:54. Check out these amazing cupcake designs for further inspiration.

    Things You'll Need:

    This paper hat seconds as a Thinking Cap to get your imagination flowing. Put it on and the game changes. You turn from a regular baker to a regular baker with a Paper Thinking Cap on. ;-)

    Favorite Line: "Hold your breath...make a wish...count to three..."

    6 .The Beatles - Savoy Truffle

    This song is a cake and cookie lovers anthem. Even though the chorus warns, "You'll have to have them all pulled out after the Savoy Truffle."  With them referring to your teeth, I think it is a small price to pay for the joy of a Savoy Truffle. I don't even know what a Savoy Truffle is, but I think it refers to that perfect treat you are always aiming to bake. It is like your Moby Dick, just one more recipe away, you will get it right in that next baking session. Whether you ever make a Savoy Truffle or not, this song should be inspiration for you to try your best.

    Things You'll Need:

    A Savoy Truffle box of course!

    Favorite Line: "You'll have to have them all pulled out after the Savoy Truffle..."

    7. Nina Simone - I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl

    I'm on a diet right now and have cut out all sugar from my diet, but Nina Simone is a very bad influence. One could argue that she is not really talking about sugar at all, however I beg to differ. She is talking about the sugar that makes your cupcake taste so sweet. She is talking about the sugar that make you wake up at night and sneak a bite. She is talking about that sugar that makes you say, "I''ll just have one more."

    Things You'll Need:

    Some Golden sugar that you can put in your bowl, cookies, cupcake and whatever else you want to taste good and look great.

    Favorite Line: "I want a little sugar in my bowl, I want sweetness in my soul..."

    8. Ella Fitzgerald - Tea For Two

    This is a perfect song to bake to, especially if you are baking to have breakfast or brunch for two. Ella paints a perfect picture of bliss. I suggest you grab that special person in the middle of baking and waltz your hearts out. Make sure your hands are covered in flour for the best result.

    Things You'll Need:

    It's not the most elegant tea cup. But if you are on the run to a tea for two get away then this will get the job done.

    Favorite Line: "Just tea for two and two for tea, just me for you and you for me, alone..."

    9. The Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

    This is a fun anthem from the 80's. Even though the girl is professing her love for the sweetest boy ever, the song is the best to bake to. For best results you should play this song as loud as possible and sing the chorus as you joyfully dance around the kitchen. This is bound to wake the house up and fill it with fun and excitement.

    Things You'll Need:

    A candy container for you to put all that candy in  of course.

    Favorite Line: "I want candy!"

    10. Breakfast at Tiffany's

    This song always gets me in the mood to be productive, and by being productive I mean clean my breakfast plate of all it's food. The upbeat alternative rock song refers to the movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's" and has very little to do with food.  However, like any other  foodie or baker all I hear is breakfast. The movie is also one of my favorites that's why this song has made the list.

    Things You'll Need:

    The only way to serve breakfast at Tiffany's is on a Silver (plastic) Platter. ;-)

    Favorite Line: "And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's..."

  • King Cake Recipe, For Mardi Gras

    In honor of Mardi Gras I have found a King Cake recipe from the Food Network that is fantastic. Mardi  Gras started as a religious celebration but over the years it has slowly drifted in another direction.  This King Cake recipe is so heavenly that I believe it will bring balance back to the Mardi Gras celebration.

    The King Cake

    The King Cake was brought over by French and Spanish colonist in the eighteenth century to Louisiana and the Southern States in the Gulf Coast of the United States. Since then it has been closely associated with Mardi Gras and if you tried to buy a King Cake on Mardi Gras Day you should be prepared to pay a hefty amount for it. So I thought it would be nice to save you some money and find the best recipe out there. See below for the recipe and click the link under it to see the baking directions on Food Network.


    For the Cake:

    • 1/3 cup milk
    • 1 package active dry yeast
    • 2 1/2 cups bread flour, plus more for dusting
    • 2 large egg yolks, plus 2 eggs
    • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
    • Finely grated zest of 1 lemon
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
    • 1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter, melted and cooled, plus more for greasing the bowl

    For the Filling and Glaze:

    • 1/2 cup golden raisins
    • 1/4 cup bourbon
    • 3/4 cup packed dark brown sugar
    • 2/3 cup toasted pecans, chopped
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    • 2 teaspoons grated orange zest
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 1 dry bean or plastic King Cake baby (available at party-supply stores or
    • 1/2 cup confectioners' sugar
    • Purple, green and gold sanding sugar, for decorating

    Click here to go to the Food Network and read the directions on how to make the cake.

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